Field Report:

I started With Weight Watchers beginning of 2016 with the target to lose weight and I used the Weight Watchers app to run my diary and record my weight. I had some trouble with the app and after an update I had to get familiar with the app again du to a lot of changes. After a period I had stored the food I used to eat, discontinued the Active Points and didn’t be lucky anymore not to use the weekly points.

I ask myself if it is worth to do a monthly payment to use some functions of the app.

The result is Smart Watchers Diary. It has all functions what I needed continue losing weight. This app only has to be payed once and nobody has access to my data because they only will be stored on my mobile device.

I think there are other people with the same mindset and requirements like me and that’s why Smart Watchers Diary now is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.